High Andean adventure

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Type of Adventure: High Andean adventure, off the beaten track with lots of local colour and culture. Beginner to extreme trekking and horse riding. A must-see area of Ecuador.

Physical rating: 3-6 Always above 3000m. Extreme trekking to sedate sight-seeing.


Adventure rating: 6-8 Off the main tourist trail on dirt roads.

Adventure Highlights: High Andean culture. Amazing views of Laguna Quilotoa. Horse riding in the fresh Andean air. Note: ratings are on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest. 

                Number of travelers                                                          Price per person                                          
2 $325
3 $250
4 $199


This is an all inclusive 3-day trip which includes a bilingual guide, transport, accommodation, all meals and guided trekking.


Or you have the option of staying at the world famous Black Sheep Inn. Join us for the spectacular Laguna Quilotoa adventure, one of Ecuador’s most exhilarating destinations. (see photos)



The crater lake of Laguna Quilotoa is nestled 3,800m high in an active Andean volcano. Located about 100km south of Quito, the ‘Laguna,’ or lake, sparkles a beautiful emerald colour due to high mineral content in the icy water. The surrounding area offers stunning vistas with high mountain peaks and rugged Andean landscapes. Here, you''ll find some of the best trekking and horseback riding in Ecuador. The remoteness of Laguna Quilotoa transports you back in time through unforgettable indigenous Andean villages along rustic dirt roads. This is one adventure in Ecuador you do not want to miss.


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Day 3



Q. How difficult is the Trekking? A. The area around Chugchilan and Quilotoa is set high (3800m) in the beautiful Andes. You will need to have a basic level of fitness but are not expected to be an extreme climber or mountaineer. The longest walk will be around 4hrs and at a slow pace. If you feel the need it is possible to hire mules to either take your day bag or even you! It all adds to the adventure!


Q. What vehicle will we travel in? A. We will be travelling in a fully expedition equipped 4x4. The 4x4 is both safe and comfortable and at the same time strong and has legendary off road capabilities. On board we carry a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, maps & tools. The vehicle will be driven by fully licensed driver with many years of experience driving expeditions throughout Latin America.


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