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4h30 Meeting at our office in Av. 
5h00 Departure
5h01 Guide talks about the content of the tour and the beginning of the presentation dynamics
6:00 Stop 15 minutes (bath and shopping)
6h15 Departure and delivery of programs
7h00 Talk about clothing and equipment for glacier
The onion method by layers
Type of garment materials
Personal technical team
7:30 Arrival at the Chaupi
8h00 Arrival to the starting point of the walk
8h15 Explanatory talk: progression of large groups, behaviors and collaboration
8h30 Start of the walk
13h00 Arrival at the summit of the Heart 4790 masl
13h30 Start descent of the summit
16h30 Return to the bus, stretching exercises, motivation and promotion talk for the next outing
18h30 Stop rest and feeding
9:30 pm Arrival at the office

• Sneakers with traction for trekking of high type boots (not converse, not sole shoes)

• High warm socks

• Leggings

• Warm trousers 1st warm. layer (jeans are not recommended).

• Waterproof pants 2nd. cap

• Buso sheltered 1st. layer (Polartec type)

• Warm sweater 2nd. cap

• Chompa breaks winds with hood 3ra. cap

• Buff neckband or scarf.

• Cap

• Hickory

• Waterproof thermal gloves

• Small backpack (30 kls.) For box lunch, clothes, etc.

• Replacement clothing (shoes, pants, sweater)

• Headlamp

Required equipment

• Helmet

• Harness

• Trekking sticks


• Take a second piece of clothing in a suitcase in case it rains and we should change.

• We will not have height problems, however it is recommended the previous days an intake of foods rich in garlic, lemon, pearl onion, legumes and vegetables and plenty of water.

• Rest well the night before so you can fully enjoy this enriching experience.

• The lunch provided is very sustained, however it is very important to come with a very good breakfast.

• Important to have a camera (cell phone is enough) to immortalize those moments.

• Come with a great predisposition to enjoy to the fullest and get the most out of this trip.

Birds near Otovalo

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'The photos say it all Ecuador the country where there is something for everyone in this great great Birds or Pry.You''ve got to love it!


big_bird_condor big_bird_Ecuador
big_bird_flying_andies bird_flying_Ecuador_south_america
bird_man_Ecuador bird_south_america
buzzered_bird_ecuador.jpg condor_baby_Ecuador
condor_small_ecuador South America cool_hark_Ecuador
eagle_south_america Ecuador_illinesas
falcon_galapagos falcon_south_america
flower_of_ecuador Hark_Ecuador_quito
kids_with_bird_South_America snow_white_bird_sa.jpg