Adventures Overland Latin America

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Adventures Overland Latin America (OLA)  offers all types of adventures in Ecuador, ranging from taking you on a family excursion, a slower-paced cultural sightseeing trip or extreme sports adventure .

Water Fall Puerto Quito


Sample Day Adventures

Sample Multi-day Adventures

Sample of Adventures outside Ecuador.

  • Colombian Adventure.….yes, it’s safer than you may have heard.
  • The Andean trail - Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
  • Also a new Big Adventue in Africa, that''s right!.
  • We offer itineraries ranging in duration from one day to several months. The majority of our adventures leave from Quito, Ecuador, where we are based, but it is possible for us to plan to start an adventure wherever you choose, it’s your call…. The style and type of each adventure can be tailored to your needs, whether it is an extreme off-road adventure, high Andean trekking/climbing, jungle exploration, surfing the pacific waves, more genteel sight-seeing, or a Galapagos cruise.

Or the ultimate, a Complete South America Circuit! Bookings and prices.

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