Hi Amy,


Thank you for your email.

Just to fill you in, Joe decided to go back to the UK, however, we are still running great adventures inside of Ecuador. We have three excellent guides working with us now, they are all bilingual, very experienced and highly qualified within there specified area. Regarding your forth coming trip to Ecuador, what I would suggest is that seeing as you are here for a while, it would be nice if we could put together different trips for you and your group to various locations, therefore, enabling us to offer you and your group more affordable trips and enabling you to see much more of the country in the comfort of our fully equipped 4X4 vehicles. Which brings me onto the vehicles themselves. Being a parent myself, I completely understand your fathers concern and regarding the tragic accident earlier this year, the gap students involved in the accident were traveling by bus and at night, never a good idea in Latin America. 
The two main vehicles that we use are:


1. Toyota Land Cruiser.  1994,  in very good condition.
2. Toyota Prado, 2004, in excellent condition. 

The links to the Prado are not the actual car but I will get that to you tomorrow.

If you and your group are just interested in the Quilotoa Loop, then thats fine as well, just let me know how many you are and the dates that you are interested in. We charge $299 for a three day tour around the Quilotoa Loop which is all inclusive of guide, transport, accommodation and food for the three days. However, we can offer you a discount depending on the size of your group.

Just to get you excited about your forth coming trip out here, please take the time to have a look at this link.


Hope to hear back from you soon. 


Kind regards,



Amy Collier

Hi Jon,
Thanks for your reply.  Its a shame that Joe left as my friends said they had a great trip with him.  The photos of your cars look great.  My Dad has asked me to make sure you have insurance and that all your guides are qualified, could you send me some information about that?
I see the lake trip is $299.  When my friends done it they said they paid $99 are these the same trips?  We only have a small budget and need to keep it cheap.  Could you let me know the current price?


Jon to Amy

Hi Amy,
Glad that your dad is happy with the cars, just to put your minds at ease it is now the law in Ecuador that all cars have a SOAT insurance, this covers all medical bills for all parties, whoever you travel with please make sure that their cars have a sticker on the window showing that the car has a Matricula for that year and a SOAT sticker.

As for the guides, yes it is now also the law that all guides in the country have a Licence which they must carry with them on all tours in order to guide inside of Ecuador. This is part of the reason that Joe ran the trips so cheap , he did not have this qualification and therefore was not able to continue working inside of Ecuador. However, our guides are not just qualified but are the top guides in the world, having led both national and international expeditions. Please send this link to your dad to read about our Guides.

The link below will help with prices but I will give you and your group a % discount if you do more than 1 trip. Could you let me know how many people you are traveling with and which trips you may be interested in to help give you a more accurate quote.

I do hope that this helps and if you have any more questions please don''t hesitate to contact me, we are here to help make your trip a great but safe adventure.

Kind regards,