Here we have some paintings that some up the light that can be seen at this altitude. Many people say that Quito and it''s surroundings has the most luminosity of all places in the world , this is so true. Like always, I like to think that the paintings have a peace about them. In these paintings below I have incorporated my other style of work, which is much looser and lends itself to the subject matter. You can also read about the work by clicking & reading under each individual art work. As always, grid reference, altitude and then height and width of painting.

Cununyacu -0° 14'' 2.69", -78° 26'' 11.95" 2420m 96cm 105.5cm read more!


Glacier Movement Glacier Movement -0° 15'' 6.42", -78° 27''
Shark fin

10.97 2400m 105cm 104cm

read more!

Shark Fin -1° 33'' 6.48", -80° 48'' 27.43" 5m 95.5cm 86cm read more!

Field of colour Field of colours 0° 11'' 49.09", -78° 28'' 44.67" 2820m 47.5cm 82.5cm read more! Please if you have time leave a comment.