I am planning a big trip to South America - starting the end of this year. I want to schedule my stops, so could you tell me if it''s possible to climb Cotopaxi all-year-round? 

And if so, could you confirm the price - is it $70 per day ($280 total)? 

I''m traveling round a lot so I don''t want to bring all my mountaineering gear with me - is it possible to hire good kit in Quito? 

I would also be interested in your backpacking Laguna Quilotoa adventure - it looks awesome there.

Thanks very much for any information you can provide.

Best wishes
Hi Claire,

Thank you for your email.

First of all could you just let me know how many people are traveling with you? As this affects the price dramatically. However, if it is just yourself, we will do our best to find other fellow travelers to share costs with you. Luckily we have time on our sides. 

We advertise this tour at $70 per person per day, for a minimum of 4 people.
For one person the cost is $175 per person per day, but like I say, I am sure we will find other people for you to summit Cotopaxi with, which will lower the cost considerably.

Furthermore you will be going up with a fantastic guide who has achieved the seven highest peaks in seven different continents, yes that includes Everest. Have a read about him, his name is Patricio Tisalema.

I was up Cotopaxi last weekend, you might like to check out this video to get you all excited about your trip out here.


As far as dates for climbing Cotopaxi, the end of the year would be fine. 

Hope to hear back from you soon.

Kind regards,